Ablevision is a brazilian company that was founded in 1999 with the main purpose of developing and delivering to the market innovative solutions in the fields of Digital Image Processing or Computer Vision.

Ablevision has a great experience in Research and Development of Innovative Solutions, due to its highly qualified team and a close relationship with universities like University of São Paulo and Federal University of São Carlos.

The company has successfully developed innovative solutions for Industry, Agriculture, Research Tools and Marketing.

Industrial solutions were the main activity of the company in its early years. It supplied computer vision solutions to assure product quality for the automotive industry in Brazil. Some of its clients are Ford, Fiat, GM, Volkswagen, Valeo, Huf, TRW, Magna Closures.

In agriculture, Ablevision has developed the software e-Sprinkle in partnership with the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation.

In 2012 Ablevision has introduced a new line of industrial products called "Virtual Poka-Yoke". All the shop floor expertise acquired along the years was used to ellaborate these products in a scalable and versatile way. You can learn more about them in our Virtual Poka-Yoke Website.